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Regardless how large or small the mistake that you have made, believes that your life is absolutely precious. While we understand that nobody is perfect, you do still have rights that are afforded to you and they need to be protected. Our Myrtle Beach defense specialists are ready to stand by your side and work together to achieve a successful outcome.

  • Our criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience studying South Carolina law.
  • The judges and prosecutors in this area are familiar with all of our team members. They understand we are committed to our obligations as defense attorneys and we will protect your rights even if you are guilty of a crime.
  • We have an extensive reputation for professionally and honestly putting forth an effort that is needed to get the most desirable outcome pertaining to your individual case and legal issues.

It is very important that you do not make the mistake of simply pleading guilty in your case. You need to contact us before you make that decision! You might feel that you are doing the right thing by accepting responsibility for the charges against you, but according the the state of South Carolina, you are still afforded rights, and we feel you should not accept an outcome that is far worse than you truly deserve. It is not fair you are subjected to an outcome for being remorseful when others in your position are not subjected to the same. Our Myrtle Beach defense experts will help to shelter you from this very complicated process. We work tirelessly to protect you from prosecuting attorneys that are not on your side and looking to levy the harshness punishment against you.

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When you contact us today, or friendly staff will explain to you how we are going to put together your unique case and then aggressively defend you from the extremely harsh SC state mandated penalties concerning DUI. Our Myrtle Beach lawyers will talk with you at length regarding several different defenses that could apply to your individual circumstances and charges. These criminal charges regarding drunk driving put a permanent mark on your record and put added stress into a very trying situation. One of the reasons our Attorneys are considered the top DUI attorneys in the region, are their understanding and compassion for all our clients, and the determination to fight for you and defend you during these challenging upcoming court proceedings.

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* DUI, DWI & Traffic Defense
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