Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Attorney

After you have been involved in an accident that resulted in you sustaining an injury, there are going to be many things that you will need to take care of. The job of the insurance company is not to make you whole, they are working to make certain that their clients pay out as little as possible during such claims. The insurance companies hire the best lawyers in the world to be able to negotiate lower settlements with accident victims. To avoid getting significantly less than you are entitled, here are some tips on when not to settle your accident with the insurance company. Accident law is a complicated issue and you should seek the advice of an attorney.

First Weeks After the Accident
After the accident has been recorded, the insurance company will get a copy of the police report and send their own team of investigators to the scene to take pictures, measurements, and even follow-up with witnesses. During these first few weeks, the insurance company will have a good idea who was at fault, and if you get a settlement offer during these first few weeks, you need to decline and make certain you are working with a personal injury attorney of your own. If the settlement comes this early, the insurance company know they can not win this case and want to get out as cheap as possible before it gets taken to court.

Your Medical Evaluation
Once you are working with a personal injury lawyer, they are going to make certain that you are sent to the best physicians in their field. These doctors have high credibility in their industry, especially in the courtroom. Once the insurance company gets hold of the medical evaluation from multiple physicians and realizes that the case is more serious than they anticipated, they make throw out a settlement offer that is larger than you might expect, all in hopes of you taking the bait and avoiding suing for even more money in court. If the insurance company is willing to settle after you see the physicians, they are doing everything they can at this point to keep their client from losing a significant amount of money.

Once you attorney has evaluated your medical reports, they will put together a settlement offer that covers all of your medical bills today and for the future, then incorporate your pain and suffering, as well as lost wages. If the injury is permanent, or will affect your ability to earn in the future, that will be incorporated into the settlement. If the insurance company makes an offer after seeing this updated settlement, then you are in a position to decide if the offer is worth it.

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